1. 2014
    1. AZRB in major corporate move

      The Star, January 16th 2014

    1. AZRB plans to reduce share capital

      New Straits Times, January 16th 2014

    1. Alliance Research maintains on buying AZRB

      The Star Online, January 16th 2014

    1. AZRB plans to reduce share capital

      Business Times, January 16th 2014

  2. 2013
    1. Ahmad Zaki Receives SC nod for Sukuk

      The Edge, December 20th 2013

    1. AZRB to clinch more jobs, boosts orderbook

      Borneo Post, October 16th 2013

    1. AZRB terima kontrak bina pangkalan

      Utusan Malaysia, October 12th 2013

    1. AZRB bags RM162.96m air base job

      Business Times, October 12th 2013

    1. AZRB unit gets job worth RM162.96 million

      The Edge Malaysia, October 11th 2013

    1. AZRB in building management joint venture

      The Star Online, October 3rd 2013

    1. AZRB in JV with two firms

      Business Times, October 12th 2013

    1. Ahmad Zaki Indonesian Subsidiary for Financing

      Oriental Daily, October 2nd 2013

    1. UTM, AZRB laksana projek RM170j

      Utusan Malaysia, July 12th 2013

    1. AZSB Bina Asrama UTM KL

      Berita Harian, July 12th 2013

    1. RHB Research maintains Buy on AZRB, FV RM1.47

      The Star Online, 12 July 2013

    1. UTM, AZRB laksana projek RM170j

      Utusan Online, 11 July 2013

    1. Ahmad Zaki Resources won 170 million contracts

      Oriental Daily News, July 11th 2013

    1. Ahmad Zaki wins RM172m contract from UTM

      The Edge Online, July 11th 2013

    1. EKVE will boost AZRB order-book

      The Star, February 15th 2013

    1. ARZB dapat projek RM171.5 juta daripada UTM

      Sinar Harian, 11 July 2013

    1. Ahmad Zaki gets RM1.55b highway

      The Edge, February 14th 2013

    1. AZRB dapat konsesi 50 tahun urus EKVE

      Berita Harian, February 14th 2013

    1. RM1.55b project for AZRB

      New Straits Times, February 14th 2013

  3. 2012
    1. AZRB to redevelop Bangunan MAS

      Business Times, October 7th 2012

    1. Ahmad Zaki says won RM673m PNB hotel job

      New Straits Times, October 4th 2012

    1. Positive news boosts AZRB, Time Engineering

      The Star, October 5th 2012

    1. PNB to build 50-storey hotel

      The Edge, October 4th 2012

    1. MRT Corp awards RM563m contracts to TRC, AZRB, Apex Comm

      New Straits Times, August 14th 2012

    1. AZRB sparks buying interest

      The Star, March 12th 2012

    1. All System go for MRT Project

      NST, March 10th 2012

    1. Analysts bullish on IJM, AZRB after MRT job news

      Business Times, January 28th 2012

  4. 2011
    1. IIUM teaching hospital is the first hospital under PFI

      Sunday Daily, September 22nd 2011

    1. AZRB to build RM412m teaching hospital in Kuantan

      The Sun Daily, 21 September 2011

    1. Ahmad Zaki wins RM145m project

      StarBiz, March 11th 2011

    1. Ahmad Zaki Resources wins RM145m job

      Business Times, March 11th 2011

    1. Ahmad Zaki to build 1,002 flats

      The Star Property, February 1st 2011

    1. AZRB bags RM125m deal

      Business Times, February 1st 2011

  5. 2010
    1. AZRB likely to bag RM300m hospital job

      Financial Daily, September 30th 2010

    1. AZRB jangka 30% perolehan perladangan

      Utusan Malaysia, June 22nd 2010

    1. RM700m GDV in Putrajaya this year

      Financial Daily, April 13th 2010

    1. Ahmad Zaki to bid for RM700m contracts

      Business Times, April 13th 2010

    1. Ahmad Zaki eyeing RM300m Saudi deals

      New Straits Times, March 19th 2010

  6. 2009
    1. AZRB bags RM49.5m project from Tenaga

      Financial Daily, December 24th 2009

    1. Nilai kontrak AZRB RM1.3b

      Utusan Malaysia, November 30th 2009

    1. Ahmad Zaki bags RM309.3m contract

      New Straits Times, November 19th 2009

    1. AZRB wins RM309mil job

      The Star, November 19th 2009

    1. Works Ministry job alomost in AZRB's bag

      The Edge, November 16th 2009

    1. AZRB price set to rechallenge previous resistance high

      New Straits Times, September 29th 2009

    1. AZRB close to bagging RM50m dam-relatedjobs

      Financial Daily, September 28th 2009

    1. Work on dam to start this year

      Financial Daily, September 28th 2009

    1. Surat anugerah

      Berita Harian, August 11th 2009

    1. Ahmad Zaki wins RM225m campus job

      New Straits Times, August 11th 2009

    1. AZRB unit gets RM225m govt job

      Financial Daily, August 11th 2009

    1. AZRB wins RM225mil campus job

      The Star, August 11th 2009

    1. Terima tawaran JKR

      Berita Harian, August 6th 2009

    1. Hot Stocks

      The Edge, August 6th 2009

    1. Ahmad Zaki bags RM106m contract

      The Star, August 6th 2009

    1. Ahmad Zaki jumps on Saudi deal

      New Straits Times, May 19th 2009

    1. Peroleh surat arahan

      Berita Harian, May 19th 2009

    1. Ahmad Zaki unit gets RM185mil Saudi job

      The Star, May 19th 2009

    1. AZRB secures RM185m project in Saudi Arabia

      The Edge Malaysia, May 19th 2009

    1. Masjid Besi Putrajaya siap Ogos

      Utusan Malaysia, April 21st 2009

    1. ECM Libra upgrades construction to neutral

      The Edge, March 16th 2009

    1. Saudi invite to Malaysian furniture makers

      New Straits Times, March 18th 2009

  7. 2008
    1. AZRB wins RM115m complex job

      New Straits Times, December 2nd 2008

    1. AZRB gets RM115m govt hospital govt job

      The Star, December 1st 2009

    1. EPIC 9-mth results within expectations

      The Edge Daily, November 12th 2008

    1. EPIC expansion to propel growth

      The Star, May 12th 2008

    1. 'Masjid Besi' tarikan baru Putrajaya

      Utusan Malaysia, May 5th 2009

    1. Corporate: AZRB plans to up stake in EPIC

      The Edge, March 10th 2008

    1. Pedestrian Bridge over Jalan Kewajipan

      Star Metro, February 29th 2008

  8. 2007
    1. Ahmad Zaki aims for RM1bil ECER jobs

      The Star Biz, November 22nd 2007

    1. AZRB wants RM1b construction jobs in ECER

      Financial Daily, November 22nd 2007

    1. AZRB bids for RM1b ECER infrastructure jobs

      Malaysian Reserve, November 22nd 2007

    1. Construction sector (pg.BW17)

      Bizweek, October 6th 2007

    1. Proposal to acquire Malay reserve land

      The Edge, September 24th 2007

    1. AZRB may buy more of EPIC

      The Star Biz, September 13th 2007

    1. AZRB confident of higher contribution from oil & gas business

      New Straits Times, September 13th 2007

    1. AZRB's O&G ops to contribute 20% revenue

      Financial Daily, September 13th 2007

    1. Ahmad Zaki plans share split, rights issue

      New Straits Times, August 4th 2007

    1. AZRB share split

      The Star, August 4th 2007

    1. O&G theme goes east

      The Star, July 28th 2007

    1. Construction set to power market

      The Star, July 24th 2007

    1. Mixed market

      The Star, July 21st 2007

    1. Ahmad Zaki purchase of Epic stake a good deal says OSK

      New Straits Times, July 20th 2007

    1. Strategic move by Ahmad Zaki

      The StarBiz, July 20th 2007

    1. AZRB to buy 20% of EPIC for RM82m

      Financial Daily, July 19th 2007

    1. AZRB buys stake in Eastern Pacific

      New Straits Times, July 19th 2007

    1. AZRB to gain from 9MP in H2

      The Star, July 9th 2007

    1. AZRB to step up plantation activities

      Financial Daily, June 22nd 2007

    1. Ahmad Zaki expects better show this year

      New Straits Times, June 22nd 2007

    1. Ahmad Zaki eyes Saudi projects

      The Star, June 22nd 2007

    1. AZRB shares surge to record high

      The Star, June 7th 2007

    1. RM324mil road job for AZRB unit

      The Star, June 6th 2007

    1. Ahmad Zaki wins Works Dept contract

      New Straits Times, June 6th 2007

    1. OSK to raise target for KLCI

      The Star, April 28th 2007

    1. OSK Research to revise upwards KLCI target

      The Edge, April 27th 2007

    1. Developing the Eastern Corridor

      The Star, April 21st 2007

    1. Honouring the Best

      New Straits Times, March 31st 2007

    1. Construction seen as catalyst

      The Star, March 8th 2007

    1. Another access for Subang

      The Star, February 27th 2007

    1. Lorong motosikal di semua Jalan Persekutuan

      Utusan Malaysia, February 24th 2007

    1. Projek baru jalan wajib ada lorong motosikal

      Berita Harian, February 24th 2007

    1. No m-bike lanes for old roads in city

      New Straits Times, February 24th 2007

    1. M-cycle lane for new roads

      The Star, February 24th 2007

    1. Panel to give input on boosting business

      The Star, February 8th 2007

    1. DELIVERY - Task force to speed up reform, boost growth

      Business Times, February 8th 2007

    1. Thumbs up for construction stocks

      Business Times, 22 January 2007

    1. Construction good despite rising costs

      The Star, January 15th 2007

    1. Anymore steam for construction?

      The Star, January 3rd 2007

  9. 2006
    1. Builder Of The Year Award 2006

      The Star, December 6th 2006

    1. Mamee produces 'crunchy' results

      The Star, November 29th 2006

    1. Chennai's 6-lane IT bahn to be ready by May next

      Economic Times (India), September 26th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki strengthens portfolio

      Bizweek, July 29th 2006

    1. Big boys still waiting for 9MP jobs

      The Edge, July 24th 2006

    1. Stockwatch

      The Star, July 24th 2006

    1. Be selective with construction stocks

      The Star, July 12th 2006

    1. Sorting wheat from chaff

      New Straits Times, June 17th 2006

    1. AZRB sees better results

      New Straits Times, June 13th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki Resources Bhd AGM

      The Edge, June 12th 2006

    1. Sultan Launches Al Faisal University

      ArabNews (Saudi Arabia), May 31st 2006

    1. Back to basics and the future

      The Star, May 29th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki Resources rebounds

      New Straits Times, May 29th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki riding high on road deal

      New Straits Times, May 16th 2006

    1. Dapat Kontrak

      Berita Harian, May 12th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki bags road upgrade deal

      New Straits Times, May 12th 2006

    1. AZRB wins RM115m Terengganu Stadium Job

      The Star, April 26th 2006

    1. Ahmad Zaki gets Stadium contract

      New Straits Times, April 26th 2006

    1. Flyover to ease traffic in Jalan Duta

      The Star, April 26th 2006

    1. T-GAS Bantu 1,000 Siswazah Menganggur Dapat Pekerjaan

      Berita Terengganu Online, March 26th 2006

    1. RM200 billion untuk RMK-9

      Berita Harian, March 20th 2006

  10. 2005
    1. Malaysian firms have the edge

      New Straits Times, December 7th 2005

    1. AZRB wins RM397m Saudi job

      The Star, June 30th 2005

    1. KFF Signs Agreement to Build First-Ever Private University

      ArabNews (kingdom of Saudi Arabia), June 29th 2005

    1. AZRB changes approach

      Business Times, June 24th 2005

    1. Highway project to go on

      The Star, December 17th 2004

    1. AZRB foray into palm oil with Indonesian firm buy

      Business Times, December 15th 2004

    1. AZRB goes into oil palm biz as construction slows down

      The Edge Daily, December 14th 2004

  11. 2003
    1. Ahmad Zaki bidding for infrastructure jobs worth RM800m

      New Straits Times, September 11th 2003

    1. Ahmad Zaki plans to beef up none-core ops

      The Star, September 11th 2003

    1. New highway from Jalan Duta

      New Straits Times, January 23rd 2003

    1. Ahmad Zaki to build Subang-Kelana link

      New Straits Times, January 23rd 2003

  12. 2002
    1. Cost of scarce construction labour

      The Edge, November 25th 2002

    1. Winning bid most competitive

      The Edge, November 25th 2002

    1. Bakun project awarded

      Bizweek, October 12th 2002

    1. Ahmad Zaki hopes for bigger things

      Bizweek, October 12th 2002

    1. The appeal of Ahmad Zaki

      The Star, September 7th 2002

    1. Construction stocks are investor favourites

      The Edge, August 26th 2002

    1. RM2b sewerage project gets 18 bids

      The Star, May 4th 2002

  13. 2001
    1. AZRB bags contract to build 7km link

      The Star, June 19th 2001