Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") is an essential part of AZRB's corporate culture. It is embedded in everything we do ensuring that we return real social value.


We strive to achieve excellence by ensuring full compliance with industry best practice, legal regulations as well as the Group standards and policies. With robust systems, tools, partnerships and initiaves, we are continually finding new ways to measure and reduce the environmental impact of our activities.


We recognise the importance in helping the next generation develop their skills and experience. We are proud to have an Internship Program that has a real impact on young people's skills and career development. Using our expertise and resources, we focus on social issues, raise aspirations and increase awareness and inclusion.


Our CSR programmes cover four focus areas, as below, which is consistent with the principles set out in Bursa Malaysia's CSR Guidelines:





'Baju Raya Membawa Ceria' Programme

As part of our CSR initiatives, AZRB has engaged with two (2) Orphanage Homes, under the sponsorship programme called 'Baju Raya Membawa Ceria'. These two (2) homes are:


  •     Rumah Baitul Ummah at Taman Setapak Indah

  •     Rumah Silaturrahim Nurul Qanaah at Taman Greenwood

  • The purpose of this programme is to bring happiness to the less fortune children from the orphanages, besides creating awareness among AZRB's staff.


    This annual programme was held in the month of Ramadhan with the tremendous support from the management as well as the staff who are involved in the programme as volunteers.


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    Breaking Fast Treat with the Orphanages

    In-conjuction with the month of Ramadhan, AZRB has organised a breaking fast treats with the Orphanages from Rumah Baitul Ummah and Rumah Silaturrahim Nurul Qanaah. The treat was held separately at their respective homes.



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    AZRB Flood Relief Operations

    In December 2013, the massive flood hit 4 states in Peninsular Malaysia: Pahang, Johor, Kelantan and Terengganu. More than 56,000 people have been displaced from their homes which include employees and families of Ahmad Zaki Resources Berhad ("AZRB") based in the said states.


    In response to this, we have established an AZRB Relief Operations based at our Head Office. A relief team was deployed to Kuantan and Kemaman on Sunday, 15 December 2013 to distribute some cash, rice, canned goods and clothes to those staff that are seriously affected by the flood.


    This mission was participated by 15 volunteers.


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